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Using music as a positive outlet for high school students throughout The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, The Music Project’s VISION is to build spirited communities where cultural expression is encouraged and is supported in an industry where infinite talents, hobbies, and career opportunities exist.

Commencing with a band competition between public and private school students, The Music Project is central to musicianship, spirited performance, and pride of accomplishment. Through an emphasis on dedicated practice paired with responsibility, organization, and teamwork, it is The Music Project’s MISSION that participating students come to learn the power of their own talents and abilities. In the months leading up to the band competition, students are expected to refine their skills in music, communication, and critical thinking before performing a selection of songs in a public arena comprised of peers, music masters, tourism and cultural ambassadors.

Unique to The Music Project, is a GOAL towards the growth and development of students by way of mentorship, seeking to incite a passion for the local music industry. By forging meaningful partnerships between accomplished Bahamian entertainers and amateur student bands, enrolled participants of the competition will become familiar with industry standards and trade secrets. All parties empowered to connect and learn from each other through a variety of creative and enriching collaborative sessions.

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